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New Label Roasts

New roast labels

We’ve just introduced a new look for the labels of all of our roasts.

In a unique illustration for each roast, the Bridgeport Figure explores the Bridgeport of the Future. Is he fishing a revitalized Bubbly Creek? Is he starting an urban farm? Is he meeting new coffee farmers? Is he the next mayor of Chicago? Is he a she? So many ideals, so many possibilities…

What do you think?


Each new label features several important bits of information:

  • The roast profile (three suns out of five equals a medium roast; with 1 = light and 5 = dark)
  • The origin (from the continent to the individual farm, if applicable)
  • The flavor profile (for Mayors Blend, sweet lemon and floral)
  • Certifications (fair trade, organic)
  • A description of the individual roast — and why we named it what we did

Single-origin coffees (beans that come from a single farm or region — see Ethiopia in the top photo) all share the same illustration, and the label includes information specific to the place where the coffee originates.

We hope you like the new look!

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