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Five (or 7) reasons to order your coffee online

Why is ordering your coffee online so awesome?

1. Freshness first. – Online orders get first dibs on the freshest coffee. (But we have additional thoughts about that topic in case you’re interested.)

2. What you want, when you want. Availability of your favorites – Your favorite roast(s) are not always in the stores at the exact same moment you are.

3. Assurance you’ll never run out of coffee. — Order enough and your cup will always be full. (You can also subscribe, receive coffee automatically, and cancel anytime.)

4. Know you’re getting high quality beans. — Because we import many of our coffees directly and roast them all locally.

5. Crazy convenience. – Easy, fast, done. Now!

Bonus reason #6!
Once you order from Bridgeport Coffee even once, you get first crack at secret discounts, new coffees, and more!

Bonus reason #7!
Coffee makes great gifts for family, friends, colleagues, and anyone you want to impress. You’re always just clicks away from making people happy.


There’s an easy way to cross coffee and coffee gifts off your to-get-list. Shop now!


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