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Travel Cup

Save with your own cup

This policy has been temporarily suspended for the health of all concerned — we will reinstate the policy as soon as permissible by relevant authorities. Thank you for your understanding.

Three great reasons to bring your own cup to our coffeehouses…
1 – Save your money. For cups of equivalent volume, bring you own travel cup and save 10%!
2 – Save your environment. There’s less trash in our landfills, rivers and lakes when you reuse your cup.
3 – Save your conscience. Every single time you avoid a single-use cup, you’re helping prevent waste. Doesn’t it feel good?

How it works

For each size up to a 20 ounce container, a coffee drink in your cup will cost 10% less!

Update: Buying whole beans or ground coffee? Now you can save with your own jar or other reusable container!

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