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Bridgeport Coffee

We thank you!

As of today, our original Bridgeport location is back open with nearly regular hours, and another location is coming soon — Hyde Park will re-open on June 1.

Yes, it’s a new world and a new environment, but we know that together we will make it work.

Please let us acknowledge and sincerely thank all of you who contributed to our gofundme staff fund. Our staff was laid off during the pandemic and faced the same emergency expenses and unemployment hassles as so many of our friends and neighbors.

You encouraged us by coming through and helping us through the unexpected challenges and the most difficult period of our company’s existence. You never lost faith in Bridgeport Coffee.

As our president and founder said: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You saved Bridgeport Coffee.”

So many generous contributors, including all the anonymous donors — we will always remember your kindness!

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