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El Salvador Santa Josefita

From: $19.00 / month

Finca Santa Josefita Lima family Relationship Coffee-Rain Forest Alliance Certified In the Cup: Medium Bodied-Sweet Creamy-Complex Dark Chocolate



The 2021/22 harvest is here. Our 15th. This family owned farm is located in the Northern section of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec volcanic mountain range near the beautiful little town of Ataco. Finca Josefita has been a coffee farm since the 1940’s. It is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Coffee is shade grwon under mostly Inga trees. The farm is the conservator of a natuiral Rainforest that is hundreds of years old. This year, Josefita finished top 20 in the Cup of Excellence which was the only washed coffee to do so. Fernando and Ernesto Lima have been friends of Bridgeport Coffee for well over a decade. We have hosted events together. He taught me how to import coffee driectly. I believe they are truly some of the best coffee farmers in the world.