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Santa Josefita

One of our most beloved Relationship Coffees from El Salvador

Excellence in the cup

A sweet, creamy, complex medium roast


Santa Josefita

El Salvador-Finca Santa Josefita

Origin: El Salvador
Region: Apaneca-ILamatepec Mountains-Northwest of the town of Ataco
Farmer: Fernando and Ernesto Lima
Varietal: 100% Heirloom Bourbon
Altitude: 900-1150 Meters
Proc. Method: Micro-Milled at Los Balcanes— Patio Dried — European Prep
In the Cup: Medium body, Sweet, Classic Cup

From founder and roastmaster Mike Pilkington: “I have known Fernando the longest. Going on eleven years now I believe. I have become closer to Ernesto over the last few years, and recently have come to know Carlos and Jaime Riera better, but Fernando has been a friend , a teacher, a guide… the kind of person I really needed to be able to do all I have over the last few years. When I was apprehensive about importing coffee directly, he encouraged. Whenever I had questions, and there was and continues to be many, he answered patiently. He has been key to my belief in Relationship Coffee. Direct Trade as a description sounds so shallow.

“Fernando farms with precision. He mills his specialty coffees at his micro-mill located at Los Balcanes. The mill looks like his farms — clean, organized, precise, and thoughtful.

“Finca Josefita is on the northern edge of the mountain range, facing east. Although the elevation tops out at 3300 feet above sea level, there exist a nice little micro-climate for this farm. Nestled in a V-shaped section of the mountain, the farm is protected from the strong ocean winds. There is a nice-sized fresh water spring that finds its way through the center of the V. Signs of organic farming are everywhere… holes dug in the ground to make large mulch bins, piles of used pulp ready to be spread around each tree. Josefita has both Organic and Rain Forest Alliance Certifications. Josefita has always excelled in the cup despite its lower elevation. A testament to the attention to detail in both farming and processing.”

The Apaneca-ILamatepec Mountains are located in the Northwest of the country. The town of Ataco is a peaceful little tourist destination that is perpetually clean and freshly painted. It is a quaint mountain town that the urban dwellers from Santa Ana and San Salvador come to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Los Balcanes Micro-Mill at Finca Serbia

Fully Washed: Mill water setting-100% / 8 hours fermentation/ Patio Dried